Have you ever wondered or ask yourself these questions like''how can i make money online''?'' ways to make money online in nigeria''?

The Following Packages will teach you  Learn How to Make at least N225,000 Every Month From the Internet Part time From Home...
You are about to discover my secret materials that i and some other persons have been using to make money online in nigeria.

But before I get into how you can become one of the  lucky people that I will bake into millionaires before the end of the year, I will like you to fed your eyes for a minute.
I know seeing is believing.
Below Are Some Undeniable Proofs of Payments made by some of us which may not be as intelligent as you are ,just that they saw an opportunities  and TOOK ACTION AS YOU ARE ABOUT TO.
I know you are probably thinking....
How come this guy is raking in such huge amount of money on daily basis at this present economic situation were everybody is complaining ?
If You And Your Family Depend Only On What The Economy Or Government Of Buhari Offers, You Are Definitely Feeling The Hardship Already.
The inflation is very high and and the prices of basic items has skyrocketed in the market.
The worst of it all is that the bombings in the Niger delta has drastically reduced the country's oil production and exportation, so...
The Government is BROKE

Really broke and a lot of state governments are owing salaries for up to 6 months. The people of Nasarawa state are even worst hit as their governor even decided to reduce their salaries by 50% in this hard times. What a wicked man.
  • It did not end there...The almighty First Bank plc has declared 85% loss in profit in one year and they are to sack over 1000 workers.
  • Eko bank just sacked over 1020 people and Diamond bank followed suite with the sacking of 200 management staffs. Still in the banking industry, FCMB closed down 27 branches and ask the affected staffs to go home.
  • The GDP has dropped to -0.36,which is the lowest in over 45 years. This simply means; My guess is you are surprise that someone still makes this much even at this present time in Nigeria while you are already feeling the heat of the tough times Nigeria is experiencing. 
    If You And Your Family Depend Only On What The Economy Or Government Offer, You Are Definitely Feeling The Hardship Already.

Everything has become very expensive; food stuff, tomatoes, bread even sachet water while salaries are not increasing at all.
In fact 5 naira has become almost useless.
The economy is so bad that state government can’t afford to pay salaries to their workers,
Banks are laying off staffs like its no man’s business Multinational companies are folding up and going back to there country of origin.

The dollars has risen so much that everything and everyone is being affected,

Even Airlines are pulling out of Nigeria because they can’t do business profitable anymore.

The people at the helms of government are confused and have no idea of what to do next.

     But as worse as the economy is, 
We Are Officially In A Recession.
How to Make N225,000 Every Month From the Internet Part time From Home
by an Nigerian.
The following are  Legit Ways To Make Money Online,including the required tools,in One Particular order
                    WHICH YOU GET ALL ,AT JUST 
               PROMO PRIZE 
1.Oil and Gas wealth blueprint
 How to start making N500,000 monthly from oil and gas business with little capital here in Nigeria.written by an oil expert in Nigeria, in 2 eBooks
                                  Worth N10,000 
  •  You will learn the secret on how to start kerosene and diesel  business in nigeria
  •  The secret of getting your license 
  • Independent marketing and sponsorship  ,
  • E.T.C       
     2. 268 High Paid Writing jobs
This  128 page material content websites that will pay you over $150 for writing an  article that may not be up to 500 words,don't miss this for anything. Instead wasting time comment on every post on Facebook post,you can make over $5000 if you focus on this alone,most persons are making a killing from it.last year a Nigerian was feature on an international TV for constantly  making  $4500 -$5000 monthly from  these secret site you will get from this material alone.
                             Worth  $47 
     3. Export Brokerage- Agro-Allied Business  
 A Business That Gave Sheyi  N600k A single day,
You will discover how to export nigerian products like ginger,kolanut,palm oil ,  snail,cassava,
The secret website where you can find buyers ,etc.
 Another thing is that this is a zero capital business,believe it or not ,people abroad are beginning to demand for Nigerian agricultural produce.
=> You won't need to pay to ship anything.
 => Or pay anything to any government agency
 => Or pay to advertise anything.
                        Worth N15,000                
4.Discover How To Obtain Loans Without Collaterals Within 5 Working Days. 
Some people do not know that there are organizations that grant Nigerians sme loans for there business here You will get all there addresses and the procedure to go about it.
                Worth N5000 
 5.  How To Travel abroad without going to the embassy package
You will discover how to get free scholarship to study abroad,list of schools that will grant you free admission,you can also start a business of consulting for parents ,cheap and free schools there children will use.
              Worth N7500 
6. Discover How To Make $1500 from fiverr monthly. 
 Here you will be taught on how to deliver a hot and most sought after service on a freelance site (fiverr).The service is SEO,you will be taught and given the secret tool that you will use to deliver this service and make over $1500 or more monthly.
This is made possible by an Indian idrees farooq. Also,there s another package that is attached to this package on how to rank your gig on fiverr,or possibly on how to drive massive traffic to your service,so that you keep making more sales constantly.
           Worth $17 
7. Facebook Advertising Tips and The Guide To 0.01 Clicks
This is a video course that will take you by the hand to teach you 
you how to get cheap clicks to drive traffic to your website.  
            Worth $27
                       (THIS CAN BE REMOVED ANYTIME)
  How To Create An Android App Development In A Day.
 Off course,you know now that a few Nigerians a making huge money developing android apps,even if you are not a computer programmer,that even Facebook owner has to come to Nigeria to sign an agreement with two Nigerians to partner with them on their app.
Am not supposed to include this,so it can be removed from this offer page at any time,a climes of what you will learn from her

           WORTH OVER N27,000 
8. Discover How To Make $3000 from ClickBank monthly.
 Here you will be given all you need to make at least $100 daily to $3000 monthly from clickbank,how to open the account and with draw you money here in Nigeria.
            Worth $37
 9. How To SETUP A FORUM like Niaraland.
                  Worth N7000
Everything you need to know,from choosing a niche(topic),keyword research ,making money at least $1500 from google adsense monthly
                  Worth N7000
11. How to make 40k to 200k from SPORT BETTING BUSINESS
 Here you will get a secret website that gives you betting tips that can make you close to 35k on any bet when you subscribe with them,this site is not know by most Nigerians,believe me.
=> You will get a platform that will send ALL the sport betting tips directly to your email address everyday.
=>Imagine getting these from this site and betting on 6 to 7 betting companies in Nigeria.........,
=>Also there is huge money in this business that almost every street you go in any part of Nigeria has 2 to 3 betting shops,and if there are no money made they would not have been in operation..........
    Take action by  purchasing these packages,STOP WATCHING SPORTS ALONE AND START MAKING MONEY FROM IT !!! 
          Worth N15,000
12.How to make 150K to 250k Monthly from THE LUCRATIVE EGG DEPOT BUSINESS    
The Fact is for every 5 persons under the age of 50, four out of five consumes eggs almost daily.....
Discover The Secret Gold Mine By Running An Egg Depot Anywhere In Nigeria!!!


How one can make close to  1 million or more within 60 to 120 days from selling dogs.where to buy and sell these special kind of dogs here in Nigeria for huge profit......

14.How to import cheap and affordable cars 
How To Import Cars :A sure system that gives a min of N50,000 profit on one transaction By Adetunji Gbolagade and  Gbenga Akinwole.

15.How to Write an Effective BUSINESS PROPOSAL
The basic steps in writing a successful grant application,you will get to know how to write a strategic plan,all you need to know.

16.Secrets To A Full-Time Income in nigeria

17.Laptop Repair Complete Guide Including Motherboard Component Level Repair

18. 20 Free Software to start your info marketing business

19.How To Make Over 250K Monthly With Bitcoin

20.How to register your Business Name in Nigeria without a lawyer

21.How to make $1000 Per Month with Google Adsense

22.Step by step on How to design a website,especially a salespage with html(using front page software)



25. How to Open and run a Paypal account successfully in nigeria

26.How to Making 100k Monthly With SMS Business

27. Video Maker FX 1.05
This software is used to creation professional animation videos for your business,especially in freelance sites like fiverr.
28. Keyword Snatcher 1.21
This software is used to research for keywords for your business,also is another tool used on most freelance websites to deliver a service like SEO RESEARCH ANALYSIS .
29.E-Book Cover Software  + Video Tutorial
For designing ecovers.
30.Article Rewriter And Creator 
This will help you make every article you copy to be unique,so that google will favour your website.
31.Atomic Mail Sender
This software allows you to send thousands of emails ,to market your business.
32. SMSCaster E-Marketer GSM Enterprise
With this software you can send Business sms to thousands of GSM phone numbers at no extra cost.
AND MORE............     
Wow, I'm Interested

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PS:This is just available for a short time,the vendor has the right 
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STEP 1 - Make a bank deposit OR transfer to the account details are:

Bank - Guaranteed Trust Bank 


Account Number -013-088-3927
Bank -                 First Bank


Account Number -303-329-0734

STEP 2 -

After payments, kindly send an email to onyekachiohis@gmail.com or

1. Name of Depositor

2. Teller Number

3. Bank Paid

4. Amount Paid

5. Date Of Payment

Peace Be Unto You
Calling Time (9:00am - 6:pm Weekdays only) 





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